We are a team of enthusiasts, musicians, accordionists and WordPress experts. 

We joined all of that and woila, first online accordion market is alive. You can buy or sell accordions, accordion accessories and many other things. Maybe in future we add more instruments. Our absolute priority is costumers satisfaction. We want to be there when you make a purchase, because spending 500$, 1000$, 2000$ or even more money for accordion is a “once in a lifetime investment”. So, for us, everything must be perfect before pressing “release money” button. 

One-stop web platform for accordion lovers.

we want to offer you a safe web platform where you can buy or sale your accordion or accordion accessories. We know how the market works and we know that accordion can cost up to 10k dollars. That is why we implemeted escorow service. 

Years of experience

We started our online journey in 2013 with our FB page. Since than we gain tons of happy costumers, sold & serviced instruments and a lot of trust. We decided to take a step forward and offer you a marketplace where you can sell or buy for yourself. We are allway here for you if you need us. 

Your sattisfaction. Our goal.

Our main goal is an absolute satisfaction of our users. That is why we manually approve every posted add. and furthermore- we assist you an every step while posting an add, buying or selling. 

We charge a small final sale fee of 5%. That involves an escrow service. That means that your money will be sent to seller once he sends an official proof of shipment.